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SEO Consulting Johannesburg South Africa


Need professional SEO Consulting in Johannesburg service for your search engine optimization advice, strategy, web site analysis and review to ensure how successful your marketing strategy is. iNetAxis experienced SEO Consultants in Johannesburg South Africa will make sure you get the best advise on how you can improve your rankings.

Many business owners are bombarded with many adverts of people claiming to be expert SEO consultants until they are confused as to what needs to be done to increase their web site rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other local and international search engines


Providing professional SEO Advice on any of our Search Engine Optimization packages and other important indicators which affect your strategy:

  • to choose the best package plan that suits your business marketing needs and budget.
  • Explain professionally what needs to be done to improve your rankings
  • Research the best key words used by your potential clients to look for what you provide
  • Spy on your competitors to check what make them top rankings

This entail that we thoroughly audit and analyse your site testing the extent of your current optimization and check if all the necessary elements required by search engines are implemented:

  • W3C compliance and cross browser compatibility
  • Checking broken links and other spam elements which may cause your web site to be banned by search engines
  • Test key word density ensuring optimum usage of key words in content and other special areas that affect rankings

Test userbility – web forms, navigation, inter-page linking system, imagery and graphics

We provide you with a detailed SEO Report – which makes you measure performance of your site rankings, traffic, popularity and other indicators which are very useful for decision making.

  • Points out your strength – what you are doing correctly
  • Points out the weaknesses – where changes need to be implemented
  • Measure your performance in relation to your competitors
  • Points out spam elements which are causing your site to be banned by search engines

Our SEO consultants in Johannesburg will advise you of what SEO strategy needs to be applied to meet you marketing goals and improve your rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other leading search engines in South Africa

For more details on how we can increase your search engine rankings and traffic contact iNetAxis SEO consultants in South Africa on 081 390 0535 now!!